More than 20 years
from experience

We are a 3.0 company dedicated to the manufacture of technical profiles.

We currently work in the agricultural and construction sector, but we are constantly searching for other sectors / products that allow us to improve as a company.



Perfil Espal S.L. is born

Profile Espal S.L. is a company created for the exclusive manufacture of agricultural profiles. The evolution of the market and the experience in the sector lead Perfil Espal to continue its growth and open the doors to new business areas.


Ega perfil arises

Dedicated to the construction sector. This would become, years later, a single company -which under the name of EGA Perfil- integrates both sectors, making profiles for agriculture and construction.

Since then, we have been an international company that is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Commercial relationships
  • The product quality
  • Personal attention


EGA Profile is now Industry 3.0

We are a new generation company from which we are willing to take on today’s challenges and those that will mark the development of the coming years, integrating the principles of Industry 3.0.