Industry 3.0
Industry 3.0 Ega 3.0

The New Industry or Industry 3.0 is one that observes, listens and adapts its product
and its way of meeting the challenges of its clients and society in three areas of action:

Industry 3.0


The relationship between technology
and human beings.

In recent years, as a result of the events related to the pandemic, we have understood that technology is a tool that brings us closer to the human being beyond distancing ourselves from him.

One of the main characteristics of EGA is the closeness in the service, the human treatment with our clients and, without a doubt, digitization is one of our key tools for this.

The access of our clients to our facilities, manufacturing processes and agile professional meetings make our digital presence add to our physical presence and with this we exponentially multiply the quality of our service and accompaniment.

At EGA we put the customer at the center and with it, all the technical and human resources at our disposal. We can meet physically, do it through various applications in our digital room, check a process at the machine with a camera or explore our products in the showroom that we have arranged in the Metaverse for it.

Industry 3.0 provides a more immersive experience that is closer to the relationship between all parties.

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The commitment
with the environment

We work every day on the idea of causing the least possible impact on the environment. A concern that we transfer to all areas of the company through objectives and commitments.

The use of materials that minimize the creation of waste, an active recycling policy and the compensation of our C02 emissions are the areas in which we make our efforts.

We want to be part of the solution for a planet with a future and we know that as an industry we must get more involved and more committed to its sustainability, which is why we study local and European policies, complying with their standards beyond what is required. We believe in progress and in the environmental conditions in which it must take place. The industry must be part of the solution by minimizing all risks.

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The added value
of people

We manufacture technical profiles but this is not all. A technical profile is the consequence of the relationship between people and the markets for raw materials, knowledge and quality in their transformation and the ability to advise and accompany our clients in purchasing the best final product.

Technical and technological growth frees human beings in Industry 3.0 from tasks that do not add value so that they can focus on others that do, such as advice for making better purchasing decisions, support in choosing solutions optimal solutions and the generation of new value propositions in fields such as innovation or optimization of resources.

Being professionals in the era of specialization and modernization means having more skin, more ability to listen and propose new solutions.

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