At EGA 3.0 we manufacture based on technical innovation and the honesty of our raw material: steel.

We are a factory committed to its human capital, machinery and facilities.

For us, advice, logistics solutions and customer service are of the utmost importance.


We are passionate about technical innovation of products and processes. We manufacture profiled poles with the experience and knowledge of our great human team, with machinery adapted to the times and with facilities that allow all of this to be carried out in a safe and controlled manner.


We base our business relationships on the values that have made us a benchmark in the market for two fundamental reasons:

  • The product quality
  • Personal attention to our clients

A large part of our client portfolio is based on personal relationships, the result of the experience and professionalism that define us. Our account managers take care of these relationships:

  • Facilitating new options that revolve around the product (advice, innovation proposals, technical solutions), while going beyond the product itself.
  • Working from closeness and direct contact with the client, offering logistics solutions adapted to their needs.

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We accompany our clients to continue advancing, innovating and growing, creating quality relationships. Hence, the great importance of our fundamental pillars:

  • Advice
  • Logistics solutions
  • The post-sale response

In EGA 3.0, we conceive the product as a material and intellectual whole. We do not sell just product, but product with human value. A value that is also reflected in the work of our account managers, who advise and accompany our clients until the end.

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The quality of our products is the fundamental pillar of our daily work. For this reason, we carry out a rigorous internal quality control process, thus certifying the correct state of the manufactured parts.


Ega Perfil implements a strict Quality Control System in accordance with the ISO-9001 standard, auditing the process by the certifying company AENOR. The Quality Control System includes all areas of the company, which guarantees the highest compliance with the quality and safety standards of the final product.

AENOR N Marking

The AENOR N marking recognizes that our profiles meet the high quality standards set forth in the regulation, and that they are subjected to rigorous manufacturing controls.

Aenor ISO-14001

Ega Perfil implements a strict Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO-14001 standard, auditing the entire process by the certifying company AENOR. The Environmental Management System covers all areas of the company, guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of environmental protection.

French NF quality certification

The French NF quality certification, granted by the prestigious C.S.T.B (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) and AFNOR (French Certification Body), certifies the quality and safety of Ega Perfil products in accordance with French and European legislation.

CE Marking

The CE marking and the new Declaration of Performance (DoP) guarantee that Ega Perfil products comply with the new European Regulation for Construction Products, in force since July 1, 2013, according to the UNE EN 14195:2005 standard, relative to PYL panel partition systems. The CE marking and the DoP also guarantee that our products can be marketed in any country of the European Union.

Quality control
in plant

We carry out an exhaustive control of the raw material purchased, in which we proceed to check both the thickness and the galvanized steel of all the materials received at the factory.

of finished

During the manufacturing process and at the end of it, we check the thickness and galvanization again in order to guarantee that the raw material has not been modified during the manufacturing process.

In addition, we carry out the geometric checks of each profile produced, confirming that the final product manufactured corresponds faithfully to the required technical specifications.


Quality management is a priority for us due to our strong commitment to society and, especially, to caring for the environment.

  • DAP
  • ISO 14001
  • Commitments
  • Environmental Policy

Quality Management Policy