Welcome to
our Showroom
in the Metaverse

In this new space you will be able to find all the technical information about our profiles, see them live and learn more about the two ranges of profiles, agricultural and construction, which we currently have.

Follow the instructions to access and enjoy the 3.0 Industry in the EGA PERFIL world.

You can do it through your smartphone, tablet, computer or your Meta Quest glasses, with which you will have a totally immersive experience.


Access our showroom in
the Metaverse

Click on “Enter to showroom” to access our showroom.


Grant audio and video permissions

Your browser will ask if you want to give app.spatial.io permission to use your device’s microphone and camera. It is necessary that you do it to have a complete experience.


Enter your name and choose the appearance
of your avatar

It will be your avatar’s name and appearance during the session. It is not necessary to register with Spatial, but if you do, you will be able to further customize your avatar and access the app at any time.


Enjoy the experience

A window will appear with a mini-tutorial that will indicate the keyboard options to be able to navigate our showroom optimally. Use the “Next” button to follow the steps.

Access to the showroom