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As a result of the implementation of the new construction systems, we started manufacturing the entire range of construction profiles. In EGA Perfil we have been working for more than 10 years in the design and manufacture of construction profiles.

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With a strong presence in the national market, we continue to expand to other European, Latin American and North American markets, which started several years ago.

Partition walls and suspended ceilings

U Truck

This ‘U’- shaped profile is used to support partition walls, wall lining or ceilings.

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A ‘C’- shaped profile, manufactured by cold rolling process. In the core it has oval holes for wiring/services. The sides are knurled and the axes marked to simplify the screwing process.

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Metal furring

Omega-shaped profile used in ceiling systems and semi-indirect wall lining. The product is a mix of hight-quality steel, hight-level of galvanization and a modern production process.

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Profile T-45/ T-47 and T-60

A ‘U’-shaped metallic profile, made of galvanized steel produced by cold rolling process. The side in contact with the board is knurled and their axes marked to make the screwing process and installation of the board easier.

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Saw profile

This profile gives the possibility to form a self-supporting structure when used with a mix of TC-47 and TC-60 profiles.

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L30 angle and U track clip

Unit that joins the wall lining and the ceiling together with the profile of the partition walls, where the profiles that determine the plane of the continuous ceilings of the hidden structure rest. Metal profile in “L” or “U” shape, made of low carbon sheet steel and continuous hot dip galvanizing for cold forming.

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U-31 Profile

This profile conforms a self-supporting structure of shelves and work furniture made of panels. A U-shaped metal profile, made of low carbon steel sheet and galvanized by continuous hot dip for cold forming. Its wings have a special knurling that helps the screwing process.

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Batten for roof tile

Omega-shaped profile used in ceiling systems, made by Dx51D+Z steel.

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Profiles for the suspended ceiling systems

Suspension system composed of primary and secondary profiles of galvanized steel. They come on height of 30 and 38 mm and a base of 15, 24 or 35 millimeters.

The primary profiles have standard lengths of 3600 and 3750 millimeters with a machining step of 150 and 156.25 millimeters, respectively. The secondary profiles lenght are 1200 and 1250 millimeters with intermediate machining, and 600 and 625 mm without machining.

Modular metalic ceiling

The modular metal ceilings of EGA Perfil are recordable systems composed of support profiles and steel strips. These modular ceilings are supplied in different finishes: flat, perforated, square perforated and microperforated. The EGA Perfil modular ceilings are characterized by their durability, high resistance to humidity and reinforced acoustic absorption.

Acoustic ceiling: mineral fiber and viny

The acoustic BV type ceiling tile is covered with a white polyvinylchloride film, which provides special qualities of waterproofing and cleaning.

It includes an aluminum-colored waterproof film on its rear face that acts as a vapor barrier, preventing the appearance of condensation that could affect the tile. It is a simple, high quality and durable construction solution.

At the same time it is very easy to build and maintain, providing easy access to the plenum without affecting the original appearance of its finish.

It is a versatile ceiling that adapts to any type of enclosure, whatever its the activity: commercial, educational or professional.

The plates are supported by a modular structure of removable ceiling profiles (T24) of prepainted galvanized steel.

Wooden chip ceiling

Acoustic panel made of spruce wood fibers, agglomerated with white Portland cement. This results in a combination of highly decorative product with natural color, that fits in any architectural project. It also ensures an optimum thermal and acoustic protection. Usage or Examples: false ceilings and natural, sound absorbent, resistant to fire and breathable coatings.

Inspections panels


Ultralight, quick and easy to lift and transport. Thanks to its rounded edges and the absence of protruding screws, damage is minimized in case of accidental fall.

Resistant to corrosion as it contains no metal parts. Since it contains no metal parts, it is highly resistant to corrosion. Therefore compatible with high humidity environments, such as swimming pools, spas and areas near the sea.

Also compatible with external environments and other dry construction systems (fiber cement, lightweight concrete, etc.).

White Steel

White painted accessory made of high strength galvanized steel.

They are designed to be installed in ceilings, plasterboard partition walls and conventional brick walls.

Aluminum Pasterpoard

Accessory consisting on an aluminum frame and waterproof plasterboard of 12.5mm or 15mm.

They are designed to be installed in plasterboard partition walls and ceilings.

Easy installation, completely removable gate. Opening and closing by slightly pressing the gate.


Ask our team about all the accessories we have in EGA Perfil for the correct installation and placement of our profiles.

High quality accesories, designed to answer to different installation and construction needs.


Resilient tapes

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Rods and accesories


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